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Press Release

Take a Spring Break from the Crowds at Grand Canyon

WILLIAMS, Ariz. – April 14, 2018 – Tricks of the trade. Every industry and place has them. And at Grand Canyon and on Grand Canyon Railway, one of those “in-the-know” tricks is when Easter comes early, there is a magical lull between the early school spring breaks and the summer surge in visitors. The train and national park are easy to access, hassle free and lack the crowds.

It’s the ideal time to get outdoors, trade in binge-TV for a mule-ride that will leave you exhilarated, take a pass the trip to the mall and take a trip on a train with dome cars (sometimes pulled by a steam engine) and create some everlasting memories (selfies and Snapchat posts) on the world most breath-taking stage…Grand Canyon.

Another key benefit during this time of the year is that Park is that kids can ride round-trip on the Grand Canyon Railway from Williams to the South Rim (as in steps from the rim) for a mere $29. The 1923 Pullman Car offers the most economical way to hop on board the train to the Grand Canyon. The NPS entry fee is included and taking the Train helps keep over 70,000 cars out of the park which is good for the environment.

For information about the Grand Canyon Railway, visit thetrain.com or call 800-THE-TRAIN (843-8724).

For information about Grand Canyon, visit grandcanyonlodges.com or call 888-297-2757.

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