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Xanterra Travel Collection’s operations span the country — from the lush wilderness of Ohio’s state parks to the stark desert of Death Valley. The company’s legacy of hospitality leadership extends more than a century, back to when the Fred Harvey Company began providing quality hotels and restaurants for weary travelers making their way West.

Today, the Fred Harvey Company is known as Xanterra Travel Collection, the largest national and state park concessioner in the United States.

Xanterra properties offer a wide range of recreational facilities and experiences. From conference centers with golf courses, tennis courts and spas, to historic park lodges and cabins, Xanterra facilities are ideal for spending quality time with family or getting back to nature with hiking, fishing, camping or simply exploring wilderness and natural settings.

The company’s 8,200 employees operate 33 hotels and lodges with more than 5,000 guest rooms, 53 retail stores, 66 restaurants, three marinas, five golf courses, and 1,800 campsites within national and state parks.


Xanterra’s mission is to be the industry leader in park and resort hospitality. We are committed to practicing integrity and quality, maintaining positive relationships with our employees and clients, leading in environmental stewardship and creating unforgettable memories for our guests.

These Core Values Are Fundamental To Our Success.

Leadership: Lead by example. Encourage, praise and inspire others.

Respect: Treat everyone with dignity and respect.

Candor: Commit to candid and honest dialogue, delivered and received with respect and without fear of reprisal.

Guest Service: Provide services and products that create memorable experiences while continually exceeding guest expectations.

Attitude: Be positive. Work hard and never give up. Enjoy what you do.

Teamwork: Be a team player. Our success depends on highly motivated, committed and competent people who share our vision and work together to attain it.

Environment: Protect the environment. This is vital and part of everyone’s job.

Community: Be good citizens and good neighbors.

Innovation: Embrace alternative thinking, responsible risk-taking and continuous improvement.

Health & Balance: Live a healthy lifestyle that balances personal and professional responsibilities.

Honesty & Integrity: Practice honesty and integrity in all business and personal dealings.

Profitability: It is everyone’s job to contribute to Xanterra’s sustained financial success, which allows us to invest and preserve our beautiful places on earth.


We believe people are Xanterra’s most valuable resource. Our success depends upon highly motivated, committed and competent people who share our vision and work together to attain it.

Our work environment encourages responsibility for personal growth and promotes pride in each employee.

We foster a culture that promotes fairness and diversity, and provides equal opportunities throughout the organization.


We deliver on our promises.
We deal with guests, clients, and stakeholders with honesty, professionalism and fairness.

We exhibit ethical behavior and practice mutual trust and respect.


We provide services and products that create memorable experiences and exceed guest expectations.

We encourage employees to share ideas to promote an atmosphere of continuous improvement.

We provide safe and healthy facilities and operations for our guests and employees.


Our business decisions balance economic viability with ecological responsibility.

We reduce and recycle waste, conserve energy and water, and educate our guests and employees on environmental stewardship.

We believe that increasing the sustainability of natural systems is not just good business. It is the right thing to do.